Monday, November 12, 2007

Out of Time

Peter continues following in the footsteps of Theseus, taking Caitlin to a far away land (future NYC) and leaving her there. Hiro also leaves Yaeko in feudal Japan, having defeated White Beard and Kensei, who he at last gave up on. Like Catullus' hopes for Lesbia, Hiro's were long lasting but finally defeated. And Claire leaves her family for freedom and West. Dang. It sure is hard to be a hero's girl, always being dragged away from home and ditched when destiny calls. Back in present-day NYC, Matt proves the power of love, defeating his dad through his fatherly love for Molly. Unlike Catullus, he gets past the betrayals of the past and begins a new life as a father. Niki also begins to move on, defeating the phantom DL (in reality Maury) by infecting herself with the virus. The only problem: this strain has no cure. Mohinder is spinning from the discovery that nothing is black and white; betrayal comes at his from all sides, when he discovers that Mr. Bennet has been killing people in his quest to bring down the Company (or to save his family, or do whatever it is in his twisted mind). Like Catullus, he cries out against all of the intrigue and evil he finds, trying to do the right thing and eventually telling Bob the truth about why he joined the Company.

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Yayu2 said...

I really like how you chose Heroes for your blog. From what I read from your blog so far, Heroes is a really interesting series. The connections you made are also well thought, especially the betrayal. I like what you said about Peter and Mr. Bennet and how you connected them with Catullus. It seems like all the characters are constantly experiencing love and grief. I sure hope all ends well for them. Good job Hope. :)