Monday, November 12, 2007

The Line

The Heroes begin to prove that what defines them is not their outward appearance and not even their abilities, but their values, who they are on the inside. Maya and Mr. Bennet both show a darker side. Under Sylar's influence, Maya uses her deadly power to kill the border patrol, while in the Ukraine, Mr. Bennet kills his former mentor to cover his trail as he searches for the paintings. Lesbia proved that venustas is not enough; she used it to gain a string of lovers and ended up being hated and ostracized, a path that both characters are on. Claire also uses her power for personal gain. When she is not deemed extraordinary enough to join the cheerleading squad, she stages her on death to get the drunken head cheerleader off the squad. Mohinder continues to walk the straight and narrow, refusing to yield when he is ordered to give Monica the virus in order to stop her ability. Finally, Yaeko discovers that Hiro is the one she truly loves, choosing his venustas and devotion over the looks and flashy power of Kensei. However, a scorned lover is not to be trifled with. Catullus fought with words, but Kensei proves capable of much, much more, going from the betrayed to the betrayer as he turns Hiro over to White Beard. In Carmen 77, Catullus calls traitors "crudele venenum" and "pestis amicitiae" or a cruel poison and the plague of friendship, and Hiro and Kensei's betrayals, one unintentional and the other malicious, threaten to destroy each other and all of Japan.

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