Monday, November 12, 2007

Fight or Flight

New, unguessed powers appear in this episode. Monica discovers that she was correct in thinking that there was something more, as she discovers that she is a "muscle mimic" and is taken in by Mohinder. Meanwhile, Elle looks cute and harmless, but she proves ruthless, killing Ricky without hesitation. She reflects the worst sort of Catullan betrayal. Although she is not a friend like Rufus or lover like Theseus, she does much more lasting harm. Peter looks into his identity and rediscovers another power: painting the future. But will Caitlin's "pretty boy" lead her on the same path that Theseus led Ariadne? He already has a good start on the killing her brother part. Speaking of family, Matt and his dad face off as Matt seeks to free Molly from the "Nightmare Man's" clutches. He discovers that there is far more to his power than he had imagined but ends up in a nightmare of his own.

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