Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Premier Episode!

The Heroes Season 2 Premier was full of secrets and surprises. Two major characters stand out for not being as they appear. The first, probably the biggest surprise of the episode, was the identity of Takezo Kensei. Known for being the legendary Japanese Sword Saint, he was Hiro's hero until Hiro traveled back in time and met him. Not only is he not famous, brave, or charming, but Kensei is white! His case is the opposite of Catullus' Suffenus, who seemed urbane and charming but was revealed as otherwise in his writing. Kensei is wonderful in legends and stories but a letdown in real life. The other character is Claire Butler (formerly Claire Bennet). Hunted by "the Company" for her ability to regenerate, she is now in hiding in Costa Verde, CA. She is trying to imitate Quintia in Catullus 86, that is, she wants to be well-thought of but nothing special. However, Claire is not trying to hide her venustas but her ability. However, as Lesbia found, lovers are apt to notice such special qualities, and potential romantic interest West is already onto Claire's secret.

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